Recognizing a Major Sponsor

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Did you see this weeks article in “The Leader” Newspaper?

The Community Helpers have been a fantastic support to the band. We are proud to have them as one of our major sponsors. The support of our sponsors has been critical over the last few years, with COVID impacting on our ability to fundraise through performing in the community.

If you are interested in supporting the Community Helpers, click their logo above to be taken to their Facebook page. If you are from a business and would like to support the Nuriootpa Town Band, please contact us at:

Membership Monday, August 2021

At the back of the band is our “engine room” – the rhythm section!

The rhythm section consists of percussion and string or electric bass. The bass often doubles with the tubas, but doesn’t really fit into the brass family, so they become part of the rhythm section.

Our percussionists play everything from drumkit and timpani to mallet percussion and all the weird and wonderful auxiliary percussion (more cowbell!!!) The percussion section also work hard on the march, with helping the band stay in time and in step. Throughout a parade the drums never stop!

Rhythm Section Membership

Membership Monday, July 2021

During concerts the brass section are tucked away behind the woodwinds, but come pageant time and they are front and center, with the strong tones of the trombones and trumpets letting the crowds know Nuri are approaching!

If you happen to play a brass instrument, or used to play one and would like to pick up a trumpet, baritone horn, euphonium, trombone or tuba again, come along on a Tuesday evening for a honk. If you’re a bit rusty, our friendly members will help you get back into it again.

Any French Horn players are especially welcome to come along as those seats are feeling a bit forlorn. French Horns have a special tone all of their own and add to overall colour of a concert band.

We hope to see you at 7:30pm Tuesday!

Membership Monday Brass