Membership Monday, Feb 2021

Welcome back to all band members and anyone who would like to come along for a toot, honk or bash. We welcome players of any standard, even those who haven’t played in a while and are feeling a bit rusty.

We resume rehearsals tomorrow night at 7:30pm. If you are attending for the first time please come along a bit earlier (the hall is usually open from 7pm) to meet our Musical Director, Sonia, and find a seat in the band.

Rusty Musos

Membership Monday, December

Membership Monday, December 2020. The Rhythm Section – bass guitar, drumkit, tuned percussion, untuned percussion and marching percussion.

Normally throughout December our percussion section gets an extra workout with all of the Christmas pageants as well as carols concerts. Due to it being a bit tricky for an electric bass to march that member will often switch to another instrument such as the marching cymbals or sleigh bells.

Rhythm Section Membership