People’s Choice Lottery 2021

This year the Nuriootpa Town Band are taking part in the people’s choice lottery! This year we are fundraising to purchase a Baritone Saxophone for one of our junior players. All money raised from tickets purchased using the link below goes directly to the band to help us achieve our goal.

Tickets are only $2.00 and enter you into the prize draw. Please follow the link below and support the Nuriootpa Town Band.

Last Chance! An Afternoon With NTB 2021

The day is nearly upon us! Tomorrow Nuriootpa Town Band will proudly present this year’s An Afternoon with NTB – “Celebrating 140 +1 Years.”

Today is your LAST CHANCE to buy tickets online! However, do not fear. If you decide tomorrow that you would like to attend, we will be selling tickets on the door – but seats are limited! Tickets sold on the door can be bought by card or cash.

Doors will be opening from 1.30pm, for a 2pm concert.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Membership Monday, October 2021

Sometimes life gets in the way of the fun stuff.

Many folks learn an instrument as children, then it falls by the wayside due to homework, tertiary study, work, family, etc. But once the kids have moved out or you’ve retired – there’s some free time for yourself!

What to do? Why not dig your old instrument out of wherever it has been buried and come along to a rehearsal?

No instrument? If you played a brass instrument, we have instruments for hire. If you played percussion, we have instruments at the band hall you can use (but you will need your own sticks or mallets). If you played woodwind, we can put you in contact with places to hire or buy an instrument.

Rusty Musos

Membership Monday, September 2021

Community banding is only for musicians, right?

Not at all! If you love music, but don’t play an instrument, you can still get involved by supporting the band by taking on a non-playing role. This allows the musicians to focus on playing the music, rather than wearing multiple “hats”.

If you have skills with accounting, library-style organising, events, or maybe just dreamt of being a roadie, your local band will be pretty keen to have you along to help out.