About Us

The Nuriootpa Town band was established in 1880, by a Shoemaker named Otto Riedel. From this humble beginning the band has continued to grow through the years until 2008, where it changed from a brass band to a concert band. This has enabled a larger selection of musicians to join the band.

We rehearse every Tuesday at 7.30pm, in our band hall located on the corner of Old Kapunda Road & Murray Street in Nuriootpa.


What are these instruments you may ask? A concert band is generally made up of 3 major components:
Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes, Saxophones, Bassoons & Piccolos
Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, Tubas, Baritone Horns
Drums, Tuned Percussion, Bass & Electric Guitars

However, we are not limited to just these instruments! The beauty of a concert band is there is no set “standard”, so we welcome everyone to come along.

Our Current Committee

The Nuriootpa Town Band is lucky to have a team of dedicated volunteers to organise and manage the band. These people include:
President: David Bettison
Secretary: Jacob Heinze
Treasurer: Phil Krahling
Musical Director: Sonia Samain
Plus a team of Player Representatives, Librarian, Public Officer – the list goes on.

Our History (in Brief)

The Nuriootpa Town Band has a rich history, now spanning over 140 years! For a in-depth record, please follow the link to the right.
Below are some of the key dates:

  • 1880 Band founded by Otto Riedel
  • 1880 Friedrich Gilgen appointed MD
  • 1889 Anton Wolf appointed to MD
  • 1897 Ernst Kindler appointed to MD
  • 1919 Mr O.J. Krieg appointed to MD
  • 1924 Band practices reduced due to dwindling numbers
  • 1930 Mr W. Jarret appointed to MD
  • 1930 Mr Cyril Creed appointed to MD
  • 1931 Mr J.B. Traeger appointed to MD
  • 1932 New uniforms purchased for the band members
  • 1932 Nuriootpa Juniors training band formed
  • 1933 A Queen competition raised £205 for new instruments
  • 1933 Entered the Tanunda Band Competition, coming equal 2nd place
  • 1934 NTB Win the Quickstep & Street March in the Tanunda Band Competition
  • 1934 Both the NTB quartet & septet win their sections in the Pt. Pirie contest
  • 1935 A new band rotunda & practice room is built
  • 1936 Mr O. J. Krieg re-appointed to MD
  • 1938 New uniforms purchased for band members including boots, leggings & pants
  • 1937 – 1940 O. J. Krieg forms a band carnival at Nuriootpa, catering for B, C & D grade brass bands, with a separate section for school bands.
  • 1946 Mr. Frank John appointed to MD
  • 1948 Mr O. J. Krieg re-appointed to MD
  • 1950 Mr. Sam Trenwith appointed MD
  • 1953 A house for the conductor built in Light Pass
  • 1953 Issues with the band rotunda & practice room surface.
  • 1955 only 4 to 5 active members left in the band
  • 1955 Mr. Fred Bohem appointed to MD
  • 1955 Temporary repairs to Band Building carried out
  • 1956 First public appearance of NTB since 1954
  • 1958 Major building works commenced & completed
  • 1960 Building works are paid off & new uniforms are purchased
  • 1969 Nuriootpa Town Band are invited to play for the centenary celebrations in Walla Walla NSW
  • 1972 New instruments (32 in total) are purchased
  • 1973 NTB win the most successful band award at the Australian National Championships
  • 1973 NTB are selected to lead the John Martins (now National Pharmacies) Christmas Pageant
  • 1980 Centenary celebrations for NTB are carried out, including the unveiling of a new band hall
  • 1980 A fundraising port series is released to assist with raising funds for the new band hall
  • 1980 A Centenary book, written by Elmore R. Schulz is released

NTB 1916
The Nuriootpa Town Band 1916
NTB 1932
The Nuriootpa Town Band 1932
NTB 1939
The Nuriootpa Town Band 1939
NTB 1968
The Nuriootpa Town Band 1968
NTB 1980
The Nuriootpa Town Band 1980